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Hello and welcome to Carolina Elite Bullies. Thanks for stopping by.
Even though we are a small kennel, our goals and standards for our facility and the American Bully in general, are of the highest standards. We will continually strive towards the most excellent dogs and positive advocacy. For our community, we are always open to share learn listen and grow.

At this moment our concentration is on Moneyline dogs, therefore our dogs will be bred and shown for the best traits of both the Moneyline blood and the American Bully breed standard. Our breeding program is geared towards producing dogs that not only will be champions in the show ring, but great pets and examples of what every American Bully should exemplify. When you purchase a dog or puppy form Carolina Elite Bullies you are getting the total package.


Feel free to give us a call, email or possibly Facebook us at any time. We also invite you to view all of our pages because there is something special on each one.

Quality Is Not Expensive, It’s Priceless!