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We strive to produce the Ultimate American Bullies

Our goal is to guarantee our customers with the most Ultimate American Bullies in the world. We produce dogs of the American Bully Pocket breed. This breed is exceptional among other breeds of American Bullies because its body is short and compact with a heavy bone structure and a bulky build. Their forelegs are set rather wide in order for the chest to develop in a broad, deep, powerful look. Overall, the Pocket breed is a favorable and admirable breed of an American Bully.

We take great pride producing conformation in dogs. A dog which conforms must have visibly details of its breed’s structure and appearance. Having confirmation in dogs is important because it demonstrates champions in the show ring with making for loyal and affectionate family companions. When you purchase an American Bully from Carolina Elite Bullies you are receiving the full package. We are committed to maintain and always improve the quality of the breed. Therefore, we don’t take any shortcuts when breeding. At Carolina Elite Bullies, we take breeding seriously selecting only the purest bloodlines in the world for breeding. Our law is to ensure results of the best bloodlines such as Gottiline and Razors Edge American Bullies. Currently, our focus is breeding the most desirable traits of both the Gottiline and Razoredge blood.

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Where Champions Are Made

All along in the creation of our business our inspiration has been Muhammad Ali. He was a man with great determination and passion. He was skilled, committed, and a visionary leader. In memory of Muhammad Ali, our business not only strives to create a unique breed that will demonstrate Champions in the ring, but provide you with great customer service. We take pride in raising one of the greatest American Bully Pockets Breeds in the world.

One of his famous quotes that influence our journey today is… “Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”

–Muhammad Ali.

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Magnificent Dogs 5stars

I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am that I found Carolina Elite Bullies! Carolina Elite Bullies takes pride in providing a loving and caring environment for their American Bullies; they deliver that and so much more. I cannot praise Alex and Veronica enough; their approach to breeding these magnificent dogs is in a class all of its own. From the moment I stepped onto the farm I was welcomed with open arms. Alex passion for the breed shines through for all to see.
Alex kept me updated throughout the entire puppy process from conception to birth with weekly updates. Link was raise in the best environment possible. Alex and Veronica truly care about each and every puppy that is born on the farm. From day one every puppy is showered with love and affection. The time and energy that is put in to every litter by Alex and Veronica is commendable and is a true testament for their dedication and love for the breed.
In the future I will be coming back to Carolina Elite Bullies for another American Bully! I am so proud to be a member of the Carolina Elite Bullies family! Thank you Carolina Elite Bullies! Without you I would have never found the missing “Link” to my heart!

Quickly falling in love 5stars

My wife and I decided in January that it was time for us to look for an American Bully. It would be our first American Bully, so it required some research. Quickly falling in love with everything we read about the breed, we began our search for the breeder. We were lucky enough to come across Carolina Elite Bullies website. We never expected that awaiting our puppy’s arrival would be such a great experience. Alex updated us on Platinum Money’s health, along with weekly photos and videos once the puppies came. The entire litter was a handsome and beautiful bunch. We were lucky enough to take Titan home with us and even made the drive from Waxhaw SC to pick him up. Prior to picking up Titan, we knew we wanted to purchase another puppy from Alex and his Wife. On puppy pick up day, we knew going with them for our second pup was definitely the right choice. Alex was very helpful answering questions throughout the process and even weeks after puppy pick up day. Alex knowledge and love for the breed truly made this a warm experience and we look forward to do it again next year when we pick up our other pup.

We feel so lucky and fortunate 5stars

We feel so lucky and fortunate to have found Carolina Elite Bullies and Alex. Getting a dog is such a big decision and getting the right dog from the right breeder can be daunting and stressful, not wanting to leave anything to chance. Alex was not only super knowledgeable, prompt and clear in all communication, available for any and all questions but she treated us like family. Having dogs my whole life, I know how lucky we are to have found her.

As cute as he can be 5stars

We are all doing good here in New Jersey! Otis is getting so big, so fast! He is just as cute as he can be. He is very active now and loves to play, but still has to have his nap time. We can’t thank you enough for helping us find the perfect bulldog for us. When we made up our minds that we wanted to get an American bully, we looked at what felt like hundreds of different sites. Nothing close to home worked out for us and I am very glad we widened our search! Never thought we would end up getting a dog from across the country, but the whole process was so easy and exciting. We loved your site and after talking with you on the phone that first time, we knew what we had to do! I always looked forward to your emails and pictures, and continue to enjoy hearing from you. We will definitely be staying in touch!

Wonderful experience!!! 5stars

I purchased this puppy on Tuesday, September 1st. He was on a plane and received on Thursday September 3rd. Alex was in constant communication with me throughout the entire process, sending pics and videos every step of the way. This lil baby, now named Studley (registered as – Scarface Money Train X), came in excellent health and is extremely well mannered, great temperament. Every time I turn around he is sitting right at my feet looking for his next command. He is everything that was explained to me and so much more. I know many people are nervous purchasing a dog online or that you haven’t met yet, much as I was, but I am so glad I took the leap of faith and purchased this puppy. He came out the box as a good dog, he’s gorgeous and a real Showstopper. Thank you so much Alex for making this a wonderful experience!!! Alex did a great job communicating throughout the process and making everything happen just as he promised. This is a great breeder, producing amazing dogs.

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“All life deserves respect, dignity, and compassion. All life”

– Anthony Douglas Williams

When you acquire one of our dogs you are committed to treat it as a member of your family, giving all the love and respect it deserves.

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