My First American Pit bull terrier

Owned in 1997

As the compassionate dog owner and breeder that I am today, the love I have for animals stemmed from when I was a child. Both my parents grew up on ranches and took great pride in raising farm animals. They instilled the value of loving and caring for animals by taking their children every summer to their home town ranches. There I learned the process of raising and caring for animals. But, my true passion for dogs began in 1993 when I was eight years old. One day after school I was walking in my neighborhood and noticed a beautiful red nose American Pit Bull Terrier in a neighbor’s yard. I was intrigued by her athletic solid build, submissive but confident personality, and her emotional stability when agitated by people and other dogs walking by.

In 1997, on my 12th birthday, I received my first American Pitbull Terrier named Tyson from my parents. He was ADBA registered and bought from a local breeder in Illinois. I was elated to receive a dog of my own and felt inspired to become a dog breeder one day. So, with my dreams in mind, after graduating high school I bought my first issue of “Dog USA Purebred Puppy Buyers Guide and Owner’s Manuel.” As I flipped through the manual, I was intrigued by the advertisement titled, “The Elite Edge” and the company’s slogan, “Breeding the Future of: American Pit Bull Terriers and the American Staffordshire Terriers” (Chaney 249). My curiosity led me to calling the creator and co-founder of The Elite Edge, Dave Wilson. As I spoke with Dave, I learned about his business and he informed me about the quality bred dogs which correlated with their high prices. I would soon take Dave’s example and apply it to my own journey of becoming a dedicated dog breeder.

In 2010, I moved to North Carolina where my father had a dietary supplement distribution company and a ten acre ranch home. When he retired, I took over the distribution and was pleased to discover that North Carolina was the heart of the American Bully breed. After acquiring some knowledge about the popular breed, I started my research of different bloodlines. In 2011, I purchased my first American Bully named Sasha. That same year I placed a deposit on a breed that was in the making. After a couple of months waiting for my puppy, the owner called asking if I was interested in buying the entire litter. It was then when it became evident that I was destined to take on this opportunity and start breeding American Bullies. That year I had my first litter of puppies and I published my first YouTube video promoting my puppies to the world (click to view video). I received calls from interested buyers all over the United States including California, New York, Illinois, Texas, and even Canada. From that liter I kept my pick male (Vin Diesel) and pick female (Annabella) to start my foundation. Today, my tenacity, ambition, and loyalty to American Bullies is continuously growing. I have invested my time in finding quality bloodlines, a professional website, and expanding my advertisement to promote my business as the best American Bully breeder in the world.

“So many people will tell you ”no”, and you need to find something you believe in so hard that you just smile and tell them ”watch me”. Learn to take rejection as motivation to prove people wrong. Be unstoppable. Refuse to give up, no matter what. It’s the best skill you can ever learn.”
Charlotte Eriksson

Our Evolution

Original CARPET MAT from 1997 and DOGS USA MAGAZINE from 2005

“A champion is a person who can achieve a difficult goal or overcome challenging obstacles.”

“A champion is a person who has earned the right and respect to be called a winner through an endless effort and desire to achieve a common goal.”

“A champion is a person who wants to be the best. They won’t give up until they beat the rest.”